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Post by chaoskiller3001 on Sun Sep 06, 2015 9:19 pm

Twilight Chaos Gaming is a wonderful, and enjoyable server where you can have lots of fun, and excitement! A donation of 5, 10 15, or 20 dollars depending on what you will be donating for will be highly appreciated. Donators will get more abilities, and access to the server, making your stay the best. Down below are what you can donate for, what they come with, and how you can reach the owner to donate!

Custom Class Only IS $5.00 USD

VIP IS $10.00 USD

VIP and Custom Class IS $15.00 USD

With Vip you get access to the Duplicator tool, along with a custom Playermodel of your choice from the workshop, and access to m9k specialties (with the exception of davy crocket and orbital strike), Increased prop limit, and more ulx commands like !votekick !vote ban ETC.

Trial-Moderator $20.00 USD

Do you want to be staff but don't think you should apply just yet? then you might like this offer! with $20 USD you can become part of staff.(Jail,kick,mute,Ban(up to 2 weeks) and Vip access abilities!

REMEMBER: Just because you paid for the rank does NOT mean you can abuse your powers, if you are caught abusing them then you will be demoted IMMEDIATELY. By buying this rank you are showing that you are willing to be part of Freerun. and that you know what not to do. So please do not let us down if you choose to buy this! DONATIONS WILL NOT BE REFUNDED!

Note* Any extra money from donations will go to IRL things that are needed, such as bills, food, and other necessities. So any and all donations are welcomed with open arms!

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