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I would like mod, admin, or whatever! Doesnt matter!

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I would like mod, admin, or whatever! Doesnt matter!

Post by shadowcraft524 on Sat May 21, 2016 9:49 pm

In-game name: shadowcraft524

Steam ID: shadowcraft524

Age: 15

How often do you respond to staff calls?: Whenever I'm on

How do you react to different kinds of rule breakers?: Rule breakers will get a kick as warning, then hour ban, then 2 hour ban, then perma ban. And I will let killer or chaos know about it

How many hours can you devote to the server per week? Will this increase? I've been getting on the server a lot. Mostly right when I get home from school at 3:00 western time. But I wont log into the server till about 3:30 or 4 beauce I have slow wifi and it takes awhile. And this will increase especially on weekends

Do you know all the commands and abilities you have as a staff member?: I know most of them. Not all of them. I will learn all of them in my spare time

Have you donated?: No. I will when I have the money

Are you generally liked around the server? WHo dislikes you?: I'm generally liked. People like the things I build and everything

Have you accidentally abused your powers, if not what woud you do in this situation?: No, I never have. But if I do. And someone tells me. I will have killer or chaos demote me for a bit. Or I'll demote myself. So I learn my lesson

Do you have a working microphone?: Yes

Wy do you fell like you deserve this application/promotion?: Because I like to help people. It makes me feel good. Also I like to lead things. I need to work on my leadership skills. Also I would think I could spark some new ideas for the server

How did you find this sever: I was just looking for a sandbox server and saw this one. I liked all the addons it had in the name. So I tried it ou

How are you supposed to react in an admin situation?: Stay calm, cool, and collect. But I do have anger issues so sorry if I get pissed off easily


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