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Server Rules

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Server Rules

Post by chaoskiller3001 on Sun Sep 06, 2015 8:36 pm

1. Do not kill people if they are building.

2. Must have accessible keypads for all your doors.

3. Do not use hacks of ANY kind (speed hacks, lua hacks, ETC.).

4. Do not mess with other players builds, they will ask if they need help.

5.Do not spam at all, this includes mic, prop, chat, ETC.

6. Do not spawn kill people as they are loading in game.

7. Do not prop kill, or abuse props in any way, or form. They are used to build!

8. Do not Prop Push/Kill YOU WILL BE WARNED IF CAUGHT (prop flying/climbing is allowed)


1. Don't Abuse your powers.

2. Don't Kick/Ban a Player without no reason.

3. Don't Clean Up the Server with no reason. Make a Vote first.

4. Don't Abuse the Admin Weapons.

5. Listen to the Players if they need help with something.

6. If any admin reported abusing their powers, you will be confronted, and more than likely demoted without a question.

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