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Travis shining in!

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Travis shining in!

Post by Nightshade114 on Mon Sep 14, 2015 2:12 pm

In-game name:xXGuerXx-Night Shade

Steam Id:xXGuerXx-Night Shade

Age:Not going to give out.

How often do you respond to staff calls?:Every time I can.

How do you react to different kinds of rule breakers?:Depends on the preset staff rules.

How many hours can you devote to the Server per week? Will this increase?: Once a day for two hours a day. NO!

Do you know all the commands and abilities you have as a staff member?:Nope I host Minecraft and can run them to a T.

Tell us a something about yourself:Is this needed? nope not at all!

Have you donated?:Nope.

Are you generally liked around the server? Who dislikes you?:Yes. None so far.

Have you ever accidentally abuse you powers, if not what would you do in this situation?:If I we're to abuse you powers in any way a two day ban well be pleased on my head.

How many hours do you currently have on Garry's Mod?:132 hours

Do you have a working microphone?:Yes!

How did you find this server?:Chaoskiller3001

Who made you get into it?:Chaoskiller3001

Why should I, the the owner Freerun Gaming even remotely think about accepting you?:Why you ask me, your the one with the choice.

How are you suppose to react in an admin situation?:Calm cool and collected.

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Re: Travis shining in!

Post by chaoskiller3001 on Mon Sep 14, 2015 2:32 pm

Could have been a little bit less of a smart ass Razz, but nonetheless great friend may not be able to get on as often as we'd like bit he would make a great member. so a huge +Support from me!

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